Welcome to the website of the St. Kitts Investment Promotion Agency [SKIPA].
St. Kitts Investment Promotion Agency (SKIPA)

What We Do


Investment Promotion:

SKIPA proactively markets St. Kitts, internationally, regionally and locally as an attractive investment location that offers an array of investment opportunities. The investment promotion efforts of the agency are geared towards attracting the right type of investor that will positively contribute to the long term development of St. Kitts.

Investment Facilitation:

Investment Facilitation includes facilitating the investment decision by providing information and assisting in the exploration of business opportunities. It also includes facilitating the successful establishment of businesses in St. Kitts, by becoming the investor’s point of contact in matters related to the procedures to be taken to establish a business. SKIPA also assists by providing support for businesses wishing to expand.

After Care Services:

After care services refers directly to the belief that companies operating in St. Kitts should be supported even after they are established. After the approval process SKIPA continues to provide customer care and ongoing support to ensure the success of the business.

Policy Advocacy:

SKIPA lobbies the government to implement policy changes to enhance the country’s investment environment. This includes documenting, standardizing and eventually streamlining procedures, reforming the investment incentives regime and providing for a transparent and level playing field for all investors regardless of origin.