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La Vallee Greens is located on the northwest of the island of St. Kitts. The property comprises of 496 acres of land primarily on the west side of the main perimeter highway around the island and is adjacent to the northwestern coastline of the island. The site was previously used for sugar cane farming and abandoned fields of cane still remain within the property. Additionally, remnants of the old mill buildings are present at the site. Read more


Whitegate Development area, extending from Newton Ground to Belle Vue is indentified as a centre with fine cultural and historical traditions. Its town and villages have a rich mix of heritage and majestic landscapes.

Detailed Description of Project

The 6,374.34 acre tract of development space known as Whitegate extends from Newton Ground to Belle Vue along the Northwestern section of St. Kitts. Read more


Port Zante positively impacts on our Tourism sector and the Marina/Yachting sector. Port Zante is a new sparkling world-class port fronting the largest and most vibrant city on St. Kitts. Additionally, Port Zante Marina offers a variety of berthing options to suit yachts of different sizes. Port Zante is located in Basseterre, which is the capital of St. Kitts, and it is especially significant to our main industry which is Tourism. Read more


The Frigate Bay Development Corporation located on the outskirts of town initially had 14-16 acres of land for commercial and residential sale primarily for locals.

Project Description

Currently, there is approximately 14 acres of land behind Timothy Beach Resort, located in Frigate Bay, which is intended to be used for commercial purposes. Read more